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The Important Role of the Negev
in Israel’s Future of Coexistence

The Negev represents 60% of Israel’s landmass.
The current Negev population is 800,000 — 300,000 of whom are Bedouins.
In recent months we’ve witnessed tensions which may destroy the
positive future we’ve worked to build for all residents of the Negev.


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Dr. Muhammed Elnabari

Ph.D in Organic Chemistry, former head of the council of Hura,
one of Israel’s seven Bedouin cities.

Muhammed Elnabari, Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry, a social entrepreneur and father of six, leads and represents a new generation of leadership in the Bedouin community and the Negev. In 2004-2018, Dr. Elnabari served as head of the council in Hura, one of Israel's seven Bedouin cities, with 20,000 residents. During his tenure, Dr. Elnabari has promoted substantial changes while also developing an innovative method for promoting underprivileged populations from a local and regional perspective, and was subsequently defined by the government, journalists, heads of councils and cities, and public figures as one of the most prominent success stories in the Negev. Dr. Elnabari was pronounced a “Champion” of the local government by the Movement for Quality Government in Israel (MQC) in 2014.
Dr. Elnabari is the founder and co-chairman of the Wadi Atir initiative; member of the Board of the Abraham Foundation; one of the founders of the Negev Council and a member of the Board of Directors; currently leads Yanbi'a – an inter-sectoral strategic regional initiative accelerating social and economical processes for the prosperity of Bedouin society and the Negev

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